Partnership with Caregivers

Good communication between patients and caregivers is essential to safe and effective treatment and care.

By working together and communicating clearly, we can be sure that you receive the kind of care you expect from Beaumont.

  • Always speak freely with your caregivers and feel comfortable to ask questions about medications, what test is being performed or why something is being done.
  • Share all information about your medical condition.
  • Be sure to provide details about your medical history.
  • Carry a list of your medications and be sure to tell doctors and nurses about allergies you may have.
  • Ask questions about your treatment plan.

Be aware of who is providing your care. Health care workers should introduce themselves and their name badges should be visible. Prior to giving you a drug or any test, health care givers should check your wristband, ask your name and verify your name and date of birth. Before surgery, the caregiver will ask you to mark the area of your body for the operation. Always ask questions and express concern if something does not seem right.

Be well informed about your tests and procedures. There are many resources available like books, videos and support groups.

Two-way communication is important in any relationship, especially between a patient and health caregiver.

Below is a video from the Joint Commission that explains the importance of speaking up when you have questions about your health care: